New technologies to identify adulterated liquor

To act against the distribution of counterfeit alcohol within the country, the liquor industry, private companies and various authorities are conducting inspections using technological tools that quickly identify fakes.

Figurazione, a Colombian company, is responsible for the development of these tools that benefit the brands, stores and consumers.  The tests are performed constantly in bars, restaurants and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages to identify both illegal and adulterated bottles and avoid incidents with consumers.

The first of these devices is FLD and has an operation very similar to pregnancy tests to identify the authenticity of the liquor. A drop of liquor is put onto the device and because organic molecules that possess alcoholic beverages, the system indicated by the color a result:

 • Green: legal alcoholic beverage without any contamination.

 • Red: adulterated or illegal liquor.

 • Amber: the liquid is the result from a mixture of legal and fake liquor.

To identify fake bottles the HVX

This and another reader identifies

The presence of a molecular, giving a result with color:
• Green: the original product.
• Red: illegal liquor.

Airways of the new era

By: Jairo Chacón González 

Although there are many shortcomings in the airline industry, the country has invested $ 3 million in software to design the airways, previously done with pencil and ruler.

Juan Carlos Sanchez, Figurazione, and Antonio Nicoletti, IDS, talk about how in Colombia they  now design an airway in just two days. / Gabriel Aponte

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Aeronavigation Experts

A meeting took place this week at the Civil Aviation Authority, in Bogota, between international experts in the technologies used in aviation. Part of the meeting related to the results achieved by Colombia after implementing the AIS software / AIM, designed by the Italian company IDS and supplied by the Colombian firm Figurazione as part of the process of technological modernization. In the photo: Peter Beyfus, director of marketing for Figurazione, Andres Diaz, president of Figurazione and Antonio Nicoletti, IDS manager Navigation.