NEWS ONE: Counterfeit liquor will be detected using a pregnancy type test.

Noticias Uno

A check, as simple as the pregnancy test is being used to determine the authenticity of liquor and whether it is counterfeit or not.  Checking the labels on liquor bottles with magnifying glasses to determine if they are counterfeit will become a thing of the past. From now on the labels of the spirits in the country’s northwest sector will be tested using a new device that can easily authenticate a product using the security print on the sleeves. And that may sound incredible, but the experts can reconfirm the quality of the liquor using a check, which works exactly like the pregnancy test.

“When we see 2 lines on the device the liquor is adulterated but when there is only one that’s because it’s original liquor.”

The case of the two lines implies a very unhappy result for counterfeiters (In jail) who buy this type of industrial alcohol at $1,500 pesos and sell it for around $11,000.

These types of tests, according to Engineer Sanchez, can be used to ensure the legality of any mass market consumer product, from cooking oil to medication.