Government of Magdalena purchases technology to detect illegal liquor


In order to support the campaigns and operations against counterfeiting and smuggling of liquor, the Government of Magdalena, through the area of Revenue of the Secretaria de Hacienda, received two molecular verification readers (HVX), which were delivered by the company Figurazione Ltd.

These devices, about the size of a cell phone, allows to identify the legality of liquor,  just nearing the neck of the bottle and pressing a mechanism will indicate if the liquor is legal or not, using a green or red light, depending on the case.

The HVX works by identifying molecular marked inks (tagging) printed in the seals of bottles of liquor. Specifically, this measure applies to alcoholic beverages produced by the Fábrica de Licores de Antioquia and the Industria de Licores del Valle.

The Government of Magdalena will use these devices in periodic control contraband and adulterated liquor operations, through which it seeks to guarantee citizens the consumption of legal and fit for human consumption.