FIGURAZIONE LTDA present in the magazine “Gestión y Prosperidad Colombia 2013”

FIGURAZIONE LTDA was part in the 2013 edition of the journal ” Gestión y Prosperidad Colombia 2013″ published by the Comunicaciones Públicas del Gobierno Colombiano.


The “tatequieto” to the counterfeit liquor

In our society, spirits are considered as a “special” product because we all are consumers. Besides being synonymous with celebration and fun, the liquor is also a source of revenue for the State that uses it to finance health and education in the country. But also, because of its very popular aspect, it is the most counterfeited product in Colombia, with the pharmaceuticals, causing losses of money for the government and physical and economic danger to the households.

Obviously, it is a very lucrative “business” for traffickers to save not only the consumption tax but also the income tax. This problem concerns all of us: the spirits industry, the enforcement authorities, the judiciary and the citizens in their capacity as consumers.

FIGURAZIONE LTDA implemented a Business Development Program with Social Responsibility in the most important liquor factories in the country to fight against counterfeiting. Because criminals use “original” items, it is very difficult to recognize a legitimate liquor from a counterfeit one.

Therefore, FIGURAZIONE LTDA designed a protection system in three steps: First, a security seal is placed on the neck of the bottle with an hologram so that consumers can distinguish the originality of the product. Secondly, a molecular marking technology which allows authorities to identify, with field operations,  the presence of counterfeit bottles by using a device called “HVX”.

Thirdly, the fluid itself is labeled with a molecule which is verifiable via a device similar to a pregnancy test, “lateral flow device”.

The use of this technology is brought to justice as preliminary identification test, now and for the first time to really and actively fight against counterfeiting.



Workshop Inter – institutional training to fight organized crime linked to the smuggling


We are pleased to join our partners, customers, suppliers and friends, that the Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales – DIAN and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime – UNODOC have invited Dr Misael Castañeda Camacho, our Research Advisory, to participate in workshops ¨ Inter – institutional Training fight against organized crime linked to the smuggling ¨ aimed to train officials of the state security agencies in the fight against smuggling.

We present a salute deserved congratulations to Dr Castañeda for the invitation and expressed from Figurazione Board, our full support to the efforts of the DIAN and UNODOC, seeking to combat smuggling in Colombia.




Andrés Díaz Cote