Press reports on operations against adulterated liquor

The national media presented to the public the results of two operations against illicit liquor made ​​by the authorities in the city of Bogota. In both operations, FIGURAZIONE supported with his investigators and provided the equipment used to detect adulterated products.


On April 26, a raid took place in the neighborhood of Barrios Unidos and Chapinero where police found firearms, restraint equipment and adulterated liquor.

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In the middle of May, an operation allowed to find 496 units of adulterate liquor, 905 units of contraband liquor and fake stamps, 496 packages of contraband cigarettes and 1,750 units of tobacco in the locality 8 of Kennedy.

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So far this year, Figurazione has provided accompaniment to the authorities in control operations performing among 396 establishments that are bars, clubs, whiskey bars, distributors, liquor stores, shops, supermarkets and tobacconists.

The National Police has achieved in August dismantling clandestine liquor bottling (stills) and the capture of 38 people.


FiGURAZIONE LTDA. and IDS present in the second edition of the national magazine “Gestión y Prosperidad Colombia 2013”

The second edition 2013 of the magazine “Gestión y Prosperidad Colombia 2013” published by the Comunicaciones Públicas del Gobierno Colombiano exposes the important role that had Figurazione LTDA. in the development of aviation systems.


Flying into the future

The continuous growth of the global air transport industry represents a continuous and effective adaptation air service and there have been important investments to expand and improve the global airport infrastructure. ICAO – Governing Entity of Civil Aviation in the World – recognized the need to expand the “installed capacity” and the efficient use of airspace.

The first step of this improvement, which appeared in the mid-twentieth century, was based in radio aids. This system develops routes and procedures such as VOR / ADF / ILS that are terrestrial radio stations that guide aircraft. At this time, this form of operation was a breakthrough in security and air transport service but as the demand grew, the fuel costs increased and that the airspace began to be congested, it was necessary to find a better way to fly.

This new way to fly is through the information. This means that thanks to a GPS, aircraft are not required to follow the paths of radio aids. To manage the information given by GPS, the AIM – Aeronautical Information Management – appeared. They are very advanced and specialized software applications.

Since 2006, the Colombian Civil Aviation is the first South American aviation organization to implement this system thanks to Figurazione LTDA., that represents IDS, a European company that produces this type of systems.

This latest enhancement allowed numerous benefits such as the integration of the entire country aeronautical information in a single centralized database, the decrease in procedure design time, saving on the purchase of equipment or decreased by up to 12% in flight times.

Growth expectations for the Colombian air are promising, and Figurazione LTDA. is already working closely with the Colombian Civil Aviation to continue delivering innovative solutions of the highest quality to the community.