FIGURAZIONE in Tax Stamps News from the European Reconnaissance International Company

The European RECONNAISSANCE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY presented in its issue No. 11 of the Tax Stamp News Reconnaissance publication the results achieved by the Brand Protection System implemented by FIGURAZIONE in Quindio Governorship to protect against counterfeiting Rent Stamps.

Once again is evident that the Brand Protection Systems implemented by FIGURAZIONE meets the goal of cost-benefit analysis.

Newsletter Figurazione – 18 12 15 TAX STAMPS NEWS RESULTS QUINDIO STAMPS

“Figurazione’s Tax Stamp Programme Helps Quindío Increase Revenues               The systems integration specialist, Figurazione, which provides liquor tax stamps to the Colombian state (or rather department) of Quindío, has reported a 35.3% increase in the consumption of tax stamps for 2014, compared to consumption in the previous year. This corresponds to an 8% revenue increase for the department. Colombia is unusual in the sense that all excise taxes from both tobacco and alcohol fall under the jurisdiction of the departments. Each department levies a consumption tax on alcohol, beer and tobacco, but only alcohol carries evidence of payment by way of a tax stamp applied to bottles and cartons of both locally produced and imported products. The Quindío tax stamp programme was developed and implemented in 2012 by Figurazione, which combined latestgeneration technologies from suppliers in Europe and the Americas to create an integrated solution for tax collection and brand protection. The programme consists of tax stamps (carrying a hologram, taggant and QR code for consumer validation), as well as a prenumbering facility, an on-site customisation system, and detection equipment for inspectors. According to a 2012 Euromonitor study, 46% of illicit liquor sold in Colombia is counterfeit, while 37% is contraband and the remaining 17% comes from illegal artisanal manufacturing. In this same study, Colombia was ranked first out of six Latin American countries in terms of liquor tax volumes lost to illicit trade in 2012 ($468 million). Ecuador came second with $128 million, followed by Peru with $117 million, El Salvador with $19 million, and Panama and Honduras with $2 million each.”


FIGURAZIONE LTDA participates in the Latin American High Security Printing Conference

From 8 to 10 July of 2013 will take place, in the city of Bogotá, the Latin American High Security Printing Conference organized by the company Reconnaissance International. Figurazione participates in the event as a Gold Sponsor.


The High Security Printing Conference is organized every year by Reconnaissance International in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Since 2012, this conference has taken place in Latin America. Started in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and, in 2013, the Crowne Plaza Tequendama of Bogota will host this conference from 8 to 10 July.

The Conference has a regional approach to treat the topic of the government-issued documents such as Bills, Coins, Trust Documents, Stamps Income, Identity Documents, Electronic Passports, Visas and Driving Licenses. There is a particular emphasis on the Banknotes and the new technologies of identification and travel documents.

For the 2013 Latin American edition, Figurazione participates as Gold Sponsor organizing the Business Centre during the three-day forum.


For more information on the High Security Printing Conference:


Figurazione participates in The First International Congress on Police Human Resource Management

The Colombian National Police was host, in the city of Bogotá, to The First International Congress on Police Human Resource Management, involving more than 300 guests from 15 countries. 

The three-day event, with specialized speakers from Colombia, Chile, Canada, Australia, Spain, United States and the United Nations, was a great success.

Participants had the opportunity to visit several stands at the Congress and see the latest advances in security technologies which Figurazione provides for personal identity, consumer products and air navigation.